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Posted Feb 10, 2021 at 14:54

Torrevieja is a Mediterranean town, located in an ideal spot and with a perfect climate. Torrevieja is a town of sun, parks and beaches, offering attractive outdoor leisure, cultural and sports activities. The town has always been aware of its traditions and at the same time has advanced with future progress in mind. Torrevieja is a town to visit and to come back to. Torrevieja is a quality of life.

Torrevieja has many squares and parks in which you can relax or just have a stroll. The most emblematic of all is the Plaza de Constitucion which houses the Torrevieja town hall and the Inmaculada Concepcion Church. You could also visit the Torre del Moro (pictured) also known as the 'Cape Cervera Tower' . The tower was erected in the 14th century on Cape Cervera, a privileged position from which to survey the coast for possible pirate or barbary raiders. The tower is 9 metres in diameter with a 23,000 square metre park created around it. Here you get fine panoramic views of the coast and contains a large network of paths and children's amusements.